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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight Service

We are making strategic contracts with specialized services for

each and regular liner all over the world. We provide customized transportation services. It is fast, accurate. The delivery of customer cargo through our own 50 network and global country-specific contract partners.

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Ocean Freight & Combined Freight 

We provide transport services for full container (FCL), small cargo (LCL), and bulk cargo tailored to the characteristics of cargo through infrastructure built around major world bases. With total Ocean Freight logistics service from container booking to unloading at the destination.

Tripartite trade(intermediate trade) Transport

We provide Tripartite trade(intermediate trade) transportation service so that customers can conveniently handle complicated documents and transportation procedures. Through a network of branches located in each country, we will promise to handle the trilateral trade service with prompt business processing.

International Moving transport

Based on a network located around the world, we provide transportation services for complex and demanding moving cargo and international moving cargo.
  • Regular container service once a week (Hamburg -> Incheon 20/40 DC")​​

  • FCL / LCL 

  • Providing reasonable cost and structured service

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