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Third-Party Logistics

3PL (Third-Party) Logistics Service

​What is 3PL (TPL)? Third-Party Logistics refers to third-party logistics. It is based on a Warehouse system that storage from warehousing, an inspection of goods, and delivery of orders or transport updates.
You can monitor all the details in real-time system.

​​IBP CORP will manage all necessary steps of the customer and can act as an agent or intermediary.

Even without a warehouse, you can store inventory and receive sincere reports without staff. We help clients optimize their inventory and supply-chain efficiency, plan logistics better, and reduce administrative costs. So they can focus fully on developing their business.

If you have any concerns about warehouse operation, entrust all business processes to IBP CORP and focus only on marketing and sales to have a broader view and grow.

We IBP CORP will solve all the problems for you.​​


EOMS (e-commerce order management system)

Shipping registration | Automatic loading | Customs code inspection | Tax Exemption + VAT refund Europe (Germany)

 | Europe (Germany) export report agency | FTA agreement documents | Customs clearance status report

| Door to doot Last-Mile l tracking monitoring | Repackaging and DG (Dangerous Goods) Cargo Handling Process  

| Local (Germany + Europe) truck pickup and take-out process

WMS (warehouse management system)

Provided and managed 8 million European (Germany) products EAN + ASIN In/out management

| Product storage and IN&OUT service   | Barcode inspection management system | Precision Inspection System |

Rack and shelf management system

EPR + Work OS (enterprise resource planning + work operating system)

EPR system directly linked to each regional warehouse l Realtime communication&repot l Monthly Report

 Tonnage Report  | Damage Report


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