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Air Freight

​​Air Freight Service

Based on our own air forwarding service, we provide comprehensive air logistics services such as bulk, pallet, express cargo (box), moving cargo, and purchase&delivery agency. We are providing the best service and price by securing price competitiveness through strong relationships with the airlines.

Raunheim Logistics Center is established to process for direct delivery to airlines after its own ULD work through its own operating capabilities, and through this, safer and faster cargo transport is held.


On-time cargo tracking information is provided through Quix24, a self-developed aviation comprehensive logistics system to provide 24hrs tracking information and for the import/export customs clearance information is provided through direct data exchange with CNEE's customs office.


Door-to-Door service

Through many years of logistics experience and techniques based on our global network and infrastructure, we provide one-stop solution service, such as door to door. We pickup and provide to customer's directly .


Re-forwarding service

In case of service difficulties due to overseas departing space and high fares, we provide economic service through air service departing from Incheon, and in the case of difficult areas and limited routing departing from Incheon, we use our own overseas network to solve aviation service problems.


Mixed cargo transportation service

In order to provide a more economical transportation service for small quantities of cargo, we are providing mixed cargo transportation services. We are securing price competitiveness of mixed cargo through contracts with a number of competitive forwarders and exclusive agents located in each country.


Global Cargo Liability Insurance

We are preparing for logistics accidents that do not know when and where they will occur through the global integrated cargo liability insurance. Air Freight Report (Pre-Alert, damages report, automatic FTA agreement document transmission service)

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